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Due to the fact that we can manufacture a very diverse range of products some of our customers request that we complete sub-assemblies for them.

To do this we have dedicated areas for sub-assemblies and we can manage all the B.O.M’s including any bought in parts.

To ensure that these sub-assemblies are efficient and cost effective we apply very strict Lean practises to this work ensuring that we maximise the ‘value-add’ to the assembly. Members of our Team have excellent working knowledge of Lean and this has improved our offering in this area for our customers.

Many of our assemblies are delivered directly onto production/assembly lines worldwide with guaranteed 100% On Time Delivery and Quality Assurance.

We work very closely with these end-users to manage their stock/kan-ban levels. Many of our customers work with on-line portals to manage their call-offs and through our dedicated Technology Manager we can liase with your team to provide a solution on your assemblies.